Village of
Public Safety

Federal Pier signs

Army Corp of Engineers
Ontario Street
Wilson, NY 14172

Please be advised that the Army Corp of Engineers, whom is the governing entity over the Federal Piers located near the Village of Wilson Waste Water Treatment Plant on Ontario St, has installed Danger and Warning signs on both piers discouraging swimming and diving from the piers, and even walking on the piers during inclement weather (rain, snow and ice) in an effort to prevent any further tragedies or injuries.


Parents, please advise your children of the dangers of swimming in this boating area and to use swimming areas that are supervised and safe for this activity.




The Village of Wilson has contacted and met with Army Corp of Engineers after the July 2012 teenager drowning at the Federal Pier to see what can be done to prevent this type of thing happening in the future.  After a very positive meeting, it was determined that the Army Corp of Engineers will erect several signs at the Piers alerting all to the dangers of this area.



The signs will say: 


DANGER Restricted Area Keep Off 


WARNING  Surfaces Uneven  Slippery When Wet or Icy No Swimming or Diving