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Handicap Parking Permits

No Fee
Where to Apply:

Pick up your application at the Village Hall.  Complete the upper portion, and take the entire application to your physician's office.  There they will complete the medical portion of the application.  The application must have an original signature (not a stamp) from a physician, nurse practitioner, physician's assistant, or podiatrist.  Return to the Village Hall with your signed application, and a handicap parking permit will be issued.  Be sure to also have your driver's license or non-driver's license identification with you, as we are now required to put the last three digits of your ID number on the permit.


Permanent permits are good for five (5) years, but you don't have to return to the doctor for a renewal.  Simply stop in at the Village Hall with your old permit, and a new one will be issued.  Temporary permits are good for six (6) months or less, and you must return to your doctor for renewal.  Please note that only physicians may sign temporary handicap parking permit applications.


Handicap parking permits are issued by the municipality in which you live.  Village of Wilson residents can get their handicap permits at the Village Hall.  If you live outside the Village, you must go to the town hall in your township to get a handicap parking permit.  We will, however, give you an application, even if you don't live in the Village.