Village of

Chapter 91 Games of Chance


  91.1 Title.  This chapter shall be known as the "Games of Chance Law" of the Village of Wilson


  91.2 Definitions.  As used in this chapter, the following terms shall have the meanings indicated:

  AUTHORIZED ORGANIZATION - An authorized organization as defined in Subdivision 4 of  186 of the General Municipal Law.

  GAMES OF CHANCE - A game of chance as defined in Subdivision 3 of 186 of the General Municipal Law

  VILLAGE - THe Village of Wilson, New York


91.3  Authorization.  Authorized organizations may, upon the obtainment of a license fromt eh Clerk of the Village of Wilson, conduct games of chance within the Village of Wilson, as provided in Article 9-A of the General Municipal Law and as provided further in this chapter.  Such games of chance shall be conducted in accordance witht he general state law and with the rulews and regulations of the New York State Racing and Wagerin Board and this chapter.


91.4  Restrictions on issuance of license. 

A.  No license shall be issued for the conduct of games of chance in any private home or dwelling.

B.  No person under the age of eighteen (18) years may receive a license pursuant to this chapter.


91.5  Conduct of games on Sunday.  Games of chance on the first day of the week, commonly known as "Sunday", may be conducted pursuant to this chapter and appropriate statutes and regulations.


91.6  Enforcement.  The Village Consable shall exercise control over and supervision of all games of chace conducted under an appropriately issued license.  Such officer shall have all those powers and duties set forth in Article 9-A of the General Municipal Law.


91.7  When effective.  This chapter shall take effect immediately upon filing with the Secretary of State's office, following its approval at referendum by a majority of qualified voters voting thereon at a special election held pursuant to the provisions of 24 of the Municipal Home Rule Law.