Village of

Chapter 87 Freshwater Wetlands


87-1  General Provisions.

Pursuant to  24-0501 of the New York State Freshwater Wetlands Act (Article 24 of the New York Environmental Conservation Law), the Village of WIlson shall fully undertake and exercise its regulatory authority with regard to activities subject to regulation under the Act in freshwater wetlands, as shown on the Freshwater Wetlands Map, as such map may from time to time be amended, filed by the Department of Environmental Conservation pursuant to the Act, and in all areas adjacent to any such freshwater wetland up to one hundred (100) feet from the boundary of such wetland.  Such regulatory authority shall be undertaken and exercised in accordance with all of the procedures, concepts and definitions set forth in Article 24 of the  New York Environmental Conservation Law and Title 23 of Article 71 of such law relating to the enforcement of Article 24, as such law may from time to time be amended.


  87-2  When Effective.

This chapter shall take effect upon the filing with the Clerk of the Village of Wilson of the final Freshwater Wetlands Map by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation pursuant to  24-0301 of the Freshwater Wetlands Act applicable to any or all lands within the Village of Wilson.