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Park Advisory Committee

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This is a committee of volunteers to advise the Village of Wilson Board on Village park matters.  The purpose of this committee is to explore the ways and means that would help the Village of Wilson’s parks operate in an efficient and responsible manner in the present and the future.  In the spirit of community participation and transparency these committee meetings are open to the public.


The Village Parks Advisory Committee (VPAC) is tasked with many new and exciting items.  We are continuing to consider and utilize the Initial Village Parks Survey in all our actions.  Thanks to all that took time to do it and be on the look out for more in the future.  To maintain legitimacy and longevity, the Committee has written and submitted VPAC Bylaws to the Village Board for their review.  The Committee has also deemed it necessary that the Village Parks System needs objective direction to avoid waste and promote efficient growth, so we have created the Village Parks Master Plan Subcommittee which has contacted engineering firms regarding the possibility and viability of a Village Parks Master Plan.  The Wilson Dog Park at Krueger Park is still in transition and looking for leadership.  And the Committee has two vacant positions to fill.  If you are interested in volunteering for the Wilson Dog Park leadership role or the vacant positions on the VPAC (or even just curious) please send an email to .  In your email, please write “VPAC” in the subject line and state which positions you are inquiring about (Dog Park or VPAC Vacancies).  Also, please be on the lookout for the next General Meeting date and venue to be published on the Village of Wilson website.  See you at the Park!







Village Parks Survey RESULTS
Click this link to view the final results of the Village Parks Survey that was put out for the public to take earlier this summer.